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Uniq Pull condoms Pack 3

Uniq Pull condoms Pack 3

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Uniq Pull stands out from other types of condoms as it has a unique system with strips. Just add the condom at the tip of an erect penis and pull the strips down for full coverage. Super easy and quick way to have safe sex!
Hypoallergenic, extra soft and ultra-strong latex-free condoms adhere to the user’s skin and don’t slip during sex. Thus, enjoy intense, sensational, and safe glide even in the dark, ‘cause with the Uniq Pull putting on a condom will take only a few seconds.
Transparent and odorless condoms come in a credit card size pack, that could perfectly fit into the wallet or pocket. Extra bonus: you’ll find 3 additional lubes in the package. Don’t worry, Uniq Pull condoms are suitable for any other type of lubricant.
Uniq is a Columbia-based company that offers a wide range of exclusive, safe, and pleasurable products made for both men and women.

Features Details
Brand Uniq
Special features With Pulling Strips
Size Regular
Shape Straight
Texture Smooth
Color Clear
Flavor Unflavored
Material Non-latex AT-10
Thickness 20 Microns
Width at base 60/2.36" inches
Length 170-190mm / 6.7-7.5" inches
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