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Indigo Lucy

Snug Fit Condoms Sampler Pack

Snug Fit Condoms Sampler Pack

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Snug fit condom sampler package carries slightly smaller condoms (than the average size) for the guys who want a more secure fit or prefer the feeling of a tight condom.
Sensational variety pack allows you to try different options of condoms that come in size closest to your measurements. Includes an array of popular brands, such as Mister Size, EXS, Pasante and more.
Each condom is 100% genuine and electronically tested to provide strong protection to pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections – but not to your sexual pleasure.

Features Details
Brand Mixed
Also know as Condom Mix by WorldCondoms
Special features Mixed Features
Size Smaller size
Shape Mixed shapes
Texture Smooth
Color Transparent
Flavor Unflavored
Material Natural Rubber Latex
Thickness Mixed microns
Width at base Mixed
Length Smaller size
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