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Nyx- The Luxurious Remote Control Butt Plug

Nyx- The Luxurious Remote Control Butt Plug

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A remote control butt plug is anal exploration’s most impressive ally, a sherpa to your journey towards the blissful peak of unprecedented sensation, a guarantor of climactic fulfillment. Nyx is the culmination of functionality and elegance, a luxurious design matched with sheer sexual innovation. Featuring 12 incredibly potent vibration frequencies, this remote vibrating butt plug grants the lucky user the ability to experiment with a wide range of dynamic functions to meet every need of carnal desire.  As you meander joyously higher toward the peak of anal euphoria, enjoy the sleek black color and ergonomic design of your lovely remote vibrating butt plug, made of nothing less than the highest quality, body-safe medical silicone and ABS; a testament to the sexual empowerment you are ever deserving of.  Anal play requires a delicate and personal approach. This vibrating butt plug is personalization at its finest, the erotically pleasant vibrations controlled hands-free from the easy-to-use remote up to 32 feet away! Maintain control with the simple click of a button as you swirl through the alluring high of anal enchantment, or pass the power to a partner as they take your pleasure, quite literally, into their own hands.  Perfect for at-home play or risky public endeavors, this remote control butt plug sees no limit, as Nyx is 100% waterproof and respectfully incognito, the noise measuring in at under 60 decibels; essentially silent. For even more assurance in discretion, Nyx arrives in a specialty V for Vibes high-end pouch and luxury box for safekeeping.  Weighing only 0.22lbs and lasting an admirable 90 minutes on a single charge (effortlessly USB rechargeable, charger included!), the only limit to your pleasure is the limit of your creativity. Whether discovering the joys of anal stimulation for the first time or an experienced anal toy connoisseur, the bountiful (or should we say bootyful?) and abundantly pleasurable vibes derived from this remote control vibrating butt plug are a necessary addition to your sex life.  Are you ready to experience the epitome of anal excitement? Nyx, your new remote control butt plug, is patiently waiting.

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