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Sangria Thalassa

The Candledust 650g/140H (Tube)

The Candledust 650g/140H (Tube)

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Scented Candledust (Powder candle)

Burn time ~ 140 h + 22 wicks included (burn time of one wick ~ 12 h)
Candledust is not your usual candle - it is a special candle! Candledust is made of vegetable wax and scented with high-quality essential oils (which are IFRA certified) - therefore it does not emit harmful substances, soot or fume during burning and it burns 60% cleaner than other candles. It is really that good!
The Candledust DIY candle brings out your creativity and allows it to soar to great heights. In addition, you no longer have to think about what to do with a used candle container, you can just fill it with The Candledust.

The Candledust candle, made from vegetable ingredients and paraffin-free, has a sandy texture, making it perfect for creating unique candles in any container to set your spaces.One of the significant differences between The Candledust and a traditional candle is being able to remove the used wick after each use and replace it with a totally new one, making your candle always look like new! In this way, you can enjoy a personalised and fresh candle at all times.

It is as easy as a piece of cake!

Choose a container that is non-flammable and has a diameter of at least 8 cm (then the melting candle wax will not stick to the container).
Pour the candledust into the container and insert the wick into the dust, leave the tip of the wick ~ 0.5 cm out. Light it and enjoy!

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